LISA MAM is a Khmer Female artist from Phnom Penh City Cambodia who has been a true trailblazer in the art scene here in Cambodia for the last decade and has helped a new urban art movement grow here in her hometown of Phnom Penh city, known as an early pioneer for painting large scale murals in Cambodia and incorporating traditional Khmer elements of her culture and infusing it into modern day styling which is in Lisa’s own unique style.

Over the years Lisa has built up a strong portfolio of Art works and Art projects.

That includes both local and international collaborations, just to name a few –

Lisa Mam x Stella Artois x “Buy a Lady Drink” 2017- Digard Auction Paris 2015, Starbucks Cambodia Flagship Store Mural 2016, Kuramathi Island Resort - Maldives Mural 2016, Cacha Hotel Bangkok Thailand 2014, Cacha Bed Heritage Hotel Bangkok Thailand 2017, Stussy Japan X ZEROSY JETLAG TOUR T Shirt collaboration with Peap Tarr 2012, Siam Discovery Bangkok Thailand Skywalk 2017, Siam Discovery Mr. Discovery 2016, Hotel Art Fair Bangkok Thailand 2017 & 2018 (BANGKOK AIRWAYS LOUNGE ART PIECE), Coca Cola Cambodia 2018, ASEAN POP CULTURE x Amazing Thailand x ASSAJAN Collective “Sawankhalok/Sukhothai 2019, BMW THAILAND x ASSAJAN Collective 2020, PMC”PESTLE & MORTAR CLOTHING x AIR ASIA 2020, Luna Coffee & Bakery Phnom Penh Cambodia 2019 – 2020.

Lisa wants people around the world to see the beauty of her culture through her art and people globally to know Cambodia is a very special place.